Guiding soul-powered women to Higher Self Consciousness and abundant living.

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Guiding soul-powered women to Higher Self Consciousness and abundant living.

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The Indigo Women are the Indigo Children, now as adults.

"The Indigo Women" aims to support grownup Indigo Children in connecting with their Higher Purpose through coaching and mentorship as they navigate their unique paths and maximize their impactful potential in the world.


Here are the 10 signs…

1. You are spiritually awakened

2. You are a seeker of Truth

3. Your soul is on a mission to positively change the world

4. You are guided by your intuition and connection to Spirit

5. You have psychic gifts such as clairaudience, clairsentience, or you may identify as an Old Soul or Empath  

 6. You are drawn to the spiritual mysteries, such as tarot, astrology, nature mysticism, shamanism, etc.

7. You’ve been through and healed from various traumas

8. You question authority and feel frustrated with outdated structures and systems

9. You are the black sheep, the rebel, the creative

10. Your deepest desires are freedom, wisdom, and peace

If this list describes you, rest assured that your soul incarnated with spiritual gifts that contribute to raising the awareness of the collective.

Now, you must ask yourself the question: Have you fully stepped into your Higher Purpose  so you can fulfill your Soul Mission on earth?

The Mission of The Indigo Woman

Indigo Children are born with a mission, but they must go through an initiation process first. This initiation often involves a traumatic event(s) or core wounding(s) that must be addressed, integrated, and overcome so the Indigo’s soul can reach maturation in this lifetime.

During this initiation process, the Indigo Child evolves into an Indigo Woman. She “earns her stripes” by overcoming adversity, confronting uncomfortable emotions, learning the lessons of the Ego, and developing a deep sense of wisdom from her experience. This process often involves somatic experiencing, inner child work, ancestral healing, and other energetic healing modalities that restore the Indigo soul to wholeness. 

Only after the pain of the wounding is integrated can the Indigo Woman fully integrate her healing and share her medicine with the world. It is in this sharing of the medicine that The Indigo Woman fulfills her sense of purpose and contributes to the healing of the collective. 

Why do so many Indigo Women “get stuck” on this journey?

If Indigo Women are born with a mission to share their medicine with the collective, why do so many of these powerful souls get stuck in a cycle of self-help, shadow work, and “fixing” themselves? Why do they continue to long for connection and feel as though they aren’t living up to their full potential? 

While many Indigo Women recognize the importance of integrating their trauma, they fail to realize the importance of integrating their healing

At the beginning of the healing process, a core belief system is present.

These beliefs often include the following:

  • I’m not enough
  • I’m not worthy
  • I don’t have enough
  • I am at fault

While these beliefs serve as a necessary catalyst for self-exploration and deeper understanding, they eventually become outdated as the healing process progresses. If the Indigo Woman’s healing is not integrated into the whole, this outdated belief system perpetuates feelings of inadequacy and lack, preventing the full expression of her Soul Mission.

Signs that your belief system needs an upgrade after healing:

1. When you feel tough feelings, you have the compulsion to “fix” them

2. You regularly purchase self-help books, hoping one of them will finally give you the answer you’re looking for

3. You sense that there’s a potential you’re still not reaching

4. You know you’re meant to do big things with your life but feel something holding you back

5. You seek a deeper connection with your spirit guides

6. You get glimpses of Flow State, but you don’t know how to stay there

7. You struggle with allowing yourself to rest

8. You believe your worth is tied up in what you do, not who you are

9. You’ve gone to therapy, felt your feelings, expressed your emotions, and done shadow work but still don’t feel like you’re “healed enough.”

10. Deep down, you still feel like you might not be enough.

If this describes your current circumstance, congratulations for coming this far. You have reached a point where you have integrated your pain. Now it is time to integrate all of the healing you’ve done into a new belief system that activates your Higher Self and supports your Soul MIssion as an Indigo Woman.

Let us show you how…


Upgrade your core belief system, activate your Higher Self, and anchor into a state of Flow.

You’ve done the work, Indigo.

You’ve read the self-help books, felt the feelings, and moved through the healing process with grace. Now, it’s time to update your core belief system so that you can finally release your limiting beliefs and set yourself free to live your Higher Purpose.

This signature program isn’t just a bunch of videos that give you interesting information. It is a comprehensive journey that is filled with 1:1 guidance that is individualized to your specific blocks, desires, and frequency.

During Indigo Activation, you will…

+ Connect with and activate your Higher Self Consciousness

+ Reframe and Integrate your Ego

+ Collapse triggers and limiting belief patterns

+ Surrender Shame and Guilt

+ Anchor into a state of Flow

+ Remember and recommit to your Higher Purpose

+ Transmute your healing into wisdom

+ Find the sense of freedom and ease you’ve been searching for


Most Popular

The 12-week Original Indigo Activation includes:

 6 modules of prerecorded content

 6 1:1 breakthrough calls 

 A complete timeline clearing (past life and generational) 

 12 weeks of 1:1 messenger support Tuesday through Friday

 The Indigo Activation printed workbook

 A printed copy of A Return to Love

This option is perfect for Indigo Women who are ready to fully anchor into their Higher Self Consciousness and serve humanity from a state of Flow.



Deepest Transformation

This 12-week in-depth transformation includes everything in the Original Indigo Activation plus:

 Weekly 1:1 breakthrough calls which may include business and career coaching if desired (12 calls total) 

 Includes additional pre-recorded resources such as The Enlightened Entrepreneur and Trauma-Informed life coaching courses 

This is the option for the spiritual powerhouses who are ready to go all in shifting their own beliefs while also focusing on serving others with their lives and careers. 

Your first step is booking a complimentary call so we can get your questions answered and determine if Indigo Woman Activation is right for you:


Trauma-Informed Life Coach ✧ Mentor ✧ Neuro-Energetics Practitioner

Having spent over a decade studying the fields of art therapy, psychology, human consciousness, trauma integration, and embodiment practices, Natalie has established herself as a specialist at facilitating the release of limiting beliefs, activating Higher Self Consciousness, and returning her clients their natural state of embodied compassion and Flow.

In her revolutionary program ‘Indigo Activation,’ Natalie guides her clients to remember their True Self and Higher Purpose beyond the confines of the human experience. This remembering is facilitated via shamanic journeying, inner child work, ancestral healing, and various embodiment practices. When a state of Flow is reached, it is anchored into the body utilizing Neuro-Linguistic Programming, granting indefinite peace and freedom of mind to the participant.

On a self-healing journey since 2010 when she first confronted the trauma of her childhood, Natalie longed to unlock her full potential and set herself free of the past. By the grace of Divine Guidance, Natalie was mentored by various teachers, mentors, therapists, and shamans who taught her to alchemize her pain into wisdom and then share that wisdom with the world. 

Natalie’s mission is to remind Indigo Souls of their Higher Self and reignite their innate connection to Source so they may live a life of purpose, fulfillment, abundance, and freedom.

Are you ready to witness the magic that your Higher Self is holding for you?

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Jenny connected with her True Self for the first time


Maria aligned energetically after shifting root limiting beliefs


Jenny connected with her True Self for the first time

Maria aligned energetically after shifting root limiting beliefs

Jill cleared lingering negativity after a custody battle


Shay integrated her Higher Self and anchored into Flow


Helen released her physical reaction to a core trigger


Shay integrated her Higher Self and anchored into Flow

Helen released her physical reaction to a core trigger

Cricket updated her outdated values system


Traci remembered and realigned with her True Self


Abi embodied her purpose and multiplied her earnings


Traci remembered and realigned with her True Self

Abi embodied her purpose and multiplied her earnings

Carla learned to rest and release physical suffering


Tamara balanced her masculine and feminine energies


Tamara balanced her masculine and feminine energies

Becky overcame blocks and reached 5-figure months

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